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Little Ogs was born highly influenced by the energy of the ‘90s. With this in mind, the brand launch had a significant ‘90s influence, moving to the beat of New Edition meets TLC.


Hand illustrated lowercase ‘ogs’ script developed with an easy flow. A timeless, youthful and memorable logo that translates well on all platforms.


"The iconic tee is reborn and too cool for pre-school."

— Sherry Balan, Influencer


To create a buzz for Little Ogs, PR was imperative. Ten North American influencers were selected to receive Little Ogs merchandise and expose the brand to their following - a following that strategically shared the same target market as Little Ogs. Over the course of a month, the selected influencers were involved with Instagram takeovers, contests, and creating buzz around Little Ogs. Substantial success was seen after regrams from @minilicious and @danielpatrick_ and other strong influencer exposure.

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